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HSBC Premier

Saatchi&Saatchi - 2020


Working with Saatchi’s designers, I was tasked with bringing to life, the many assets they had created for use in HSBC’s Premier account services.

They used aspirational concepts of objects tied to the many financial aspects of modern life, it’s customers may come across, in a free-flowing and creative style. They took photos of these objects and treated them to appear in keeping with a set of hand-drawn elements wrapped around them. Along with a series of people/families that reflected their usual account holders.

This was a fun project to think about how to set up many re-used elements across the various deliverables. In tight turnarounds, where animating each element might prove time-consuming and tricky to adjust, I used many types of expressions within After Effects and custom rigs to control movement too. So if I handed off to any other artist - it would keep the consistency of animation style and speed throughout, which is always a challenge of these types of project.

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