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Audible - The Greatest Storyteller

Fold 7 - 2023


Working with Fold 7's creative team and La Boca's commissioned illustrations, I had the opportunity to create a series of animated posters that captured the magic of escaping into a captivating story. Each poster featured an exquisitely illustrated drop cap letter 'T', which I brought to life using After Effects.

Bringing these posters to life presented its own set of technical challenges. For instance, animating Oliver Twist's hat with the train required modeling and rendering in 3D, with a specific projection to seamlessly match the original drawn train from the still version. Another complex task was animating the film strip for Seven Husband's, which needed to scroll and behave as though it was being projected. To achieve this, I utilized a script from BAO to control each point on the curve and run a twice-distorted film strip along, creating an almost isometric effect.


These animated posters were created for various DOOH campaigns, including Rail placements of D6 and D48 across transport hubs to supplement a larger print rollout, as well as a secondary campaign in the retail sector with approximately 100 deliverables across different stories and specific sites. It was a challenging and rewarding project that showcased my technical expertise, creativity, and attention to detail in bringing illustrations to life through motion design.

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